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Hi, I am Amaliny! A San Francisco based Travel- and Lifestyle Blogger, exploring California and the world.

I am absolutely passionate about travelling, the outdoors and surfing. I am also a fashion, beauty, food and cooking enthusiast. Traveling is my biggest passion. I have lived in 8 countries across the globe and have traveled to more than 60 countries. As an ocean advocate, I support ocean cleantech and ocean cleanup projects, and promote plastic-free and sustainable living. As a mom, I am very interested in educational experiences for my 6-year-old daughter. I love to support social and educational causes and love to work with brands and businesses that are aligned with my personal values. 

I am a seasoned entrepreneur and philanthrophist, and have built tech, consulting and ecommerce startups in the past. Currently my focus in on real estate, future housing and property technology. I have a knack for social media marketing and storytelling and hold a Ph.D. in Economics, an MBA and a Diploma in Psychology. Recently, I have completed a Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law studies at Stanford University. As a SriLankan who was born and raised in Germany, I speak German, English, Tamil, and Spanish. 


Partnerships with 100+ brands like BMW, LinkedIn, Hilton Hotels, Sterling Vineyards, THULE, Netflix and FoxSports. Brand Ambassador for Toyota, Outdoor Voices and IsleSurf.

As a speaker, I have been a guest in numerous panels and podcasts and was a nominated speaker at TedX Singapore in 2016.